Wiseman at BSHP

Rachael Wiseman gave a brilliant presentation at this year’s British Society for the History of Philosophy annual conference in Sheffield, as part of the panel on Women in Analytic Philosophy (thanks for Sophia and Veronique for organising). As part of the talk, Rachael set out some of the main philosophical themes that emerge from reading the In Parenthesis philosophers as a school, as well as setting out their methodology, which we are calling depictive metaphysics. Depictive metaphysics is revisionary, and is distinct from descriptive and critical metaphysics. This is partly what we will be discussing at the upcoming annual ‘Women in Philosophy Lecture at Sheffield.


Workshop with Mary Midgley!

We had our first discussion workshop on 18th March. Mary Midgley and members of the Midgley family were in attendance, along with panel members. Topics for discussion included the Wartime Context, Did It Matter that they were Women? and the philosophical work of the Wartime Group. We also had a visit to the Midgley Archive at Palace Green Library. Thanks to everyone involved! It was a super occasion. Here’s the workshop handout to give you an idea of what we discussed. We think the jury is in: they are a School!

In Memoriam: Pamela Sue Anderson

Last year, Pamela Sue Anderson was to be the keynote speaker at our International Women’s Day conference ‘Resounding Voices’. She couldn’t make it and, in her stead, Liza Thompson read out the text of her beautiful paper. You can read it below. It offers a way of conceptualising what we are, or should conceive ourselves as,  (collectively) doing  as philosophers: cultivating reciprocal relations to the unknown.

A “world of women” on International Women’s Day!

Thanks to everyone who came to our International Women’s Day conference yesterday! And of course special thanks to everyone who presented their work. It was a wonderful celebration of women’s work inside and outside the academy and a little glimpse into what the University might look like in a ‘world of women’

Back from Oxford. A world of women. I reflected, talking with Mary, Pip and Elizabeth, how much I love them. (Murdoch’s journal: 12 June 1948)

Identity and a good life

Just had a great session with some fantastic young philosophers talking about our women as part of Durham’s post-offer open day! We asked the question ‘How might a person’s experience and identity affect their idea of human flourishing?’ Great discussion of Anscombe’s ‘Promising and its Justice’, Midgley’s ‘The Myths we Live By’, Foot’s ‘Natural Goodness’ and Murdoch’s ‘Sovereignty of the Good’.